Meal Times

At Abracadabra Day Nursery all meals and snacks are prepared daily by our nursery chef and are well balanced, fresh and appetising. Our mealtimes are an opportunity for children to socialise together and they are encouraged to use cutlery. The older children are also given the encouragement and confidence to serve their own snacks and pour their own drinks.

We accommodate any dietary requirement your child has as well as parental preference, for example, children who are vegetarian or vegan. We encourage children to drink plenty of water throughout the day by having constant access to their water cups.

WK 1

LunchSausage Popeye Pie with CarrotsFish Crumble with Mash and PeasMeatballs in Tomato Sauce with Spaghetti and BroccoliChicken in Gravy with Roast Potatoes and CabbageCottage Pie with Green Beans
PuddingRice PuddingWhipJelly

Fruit Crumble and Ice CreamFresh Fruit
TeaTomato and Cheese PastaVegetable Fingers and BeansToasted Sandwiches with Vegetable SticksCheesy Mash and SpaghettiMinestrone Soup with Bread
PuddingFresh FruitFromage FraisBananas and CustardYoghurt
Fresh Fruit

WK 2

LunchHam in Parsley Sauce with CarrotsSavoury Mince Casserole with Dumplings and CabbageCowboy Sausage Casserole with Green BeansCreamy Coconut Vegetable Curry with Rice and Naan BreadTuna and Sweet Corn Pasta Bake with Broccoli
PuddingFromage Frais Fresh FruitSponge Cake and Custard

YoghurtFresh Fruit
TeaVegetable Soup and BreadCheese and Broccoli PastaJacket Potatoes with Beans and CheeseCheese and Tomato WhirlsHomemade Sausage Rolls and Spaghetti
Fresh FruitWhipCake

WK 3

LunchVegetable Dauphinous with CarrotsBeef Bolognaise with Pasta and Green BeansChicken Pie, Mash and PeasCreamy Salmon Pasta with BroccoliSausages in Gravy with Root Veg Mash and Cabbage
PuddingBananas and CustardFresh FruitFromage Frais
Fresh FruitFruit Crumble and Custard
TeaCheesy Spaghetti on ToastFish Fingers and BeansButternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup with BreadPitta Bread, Cheese, Ham and Vegetable SticksSpicy Parsnip Pasta and Bread
PuddingFresh FruitJellyFresh FruitBananas and CustardFromage Frais

WK 4

LunchMediterranean Tuna Pasta with BroccoliVegetable Lasagne with Green BeansShepherd’s Pie with Cabbage Toad in the Hole with Mash, Carrots and Peas Chicken and Leek Pasta with Carrots
PuddingFromage Frais Sponge Cake and CustardFresh Fruit YoghurtFresh Fruit
TeaHomemade Pizza with SaladPea and Ham Soup with BreadBeans on ToastItalian Tomato Soup with BreadCheese and Spinach Whirls with Spaghetti
PuddingFresh FruitRaisin FlapjackRice Pudding

CakeFromage Frais